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If you missed Part 1, you can find it posted here.

The decision to take your child/children out of Homeschool or raising them through Homeschool is a process that deserves a lot of thought.  Your child/children will be Home with you on hours where they would be in school. You also have to transform yourself. Now, you’re not just that child-parent but their educator. It’s a process that you and your child will have to get used to; your child will now have to view you as not only their parent but when it comes time for lessons. You become their teacher as well, and it’s okay. You’ve got this when you think about it, you’ve always been your child teacher. You have taught them things and raised them, although that is the case. Being your child educator will be different. You might find time frustrating, and you might even learn quite a few new things about your child, but as long as you get into the habit where you are in teaching mood and showing your child that it is time to learn. Then you’ll be getting the hang of in no time.

Treat the Homeschool sessions just like they would be in school sessions. As in divide time for each subject when it comes to teaching your child. Set a time for Math lessons, History lessons, Science lessons, Reading lessons, Geography, Writing, Lunch, and even Break/Recess time. Yes, you will need to prepare yourself for that. You are now the principal educator to teach all these subjects to your child. It’s a learning process, and it can be fun especially lunchtime. You can even have fun with the lunch menu for your child and have the opportunity to switch it up each day. It’s essential to give your child a break, learning can be hard work, and good recess time is well needed for the child, especially when it comes to education.

Now that you’re thinking of being a Homeschool teacher to your child, I must tell you this. You’re now someone who is going to have this power that your child might have a hard time accepting at first. It’s the power of giving Homework. Yes, it comes to this, although your child is learning with you at Home. You still have to give assignments to see if your child understands the materials, tasks that don’t include your help. Those assignments are Homework, and not only do you have to give Homework to your child. You have to grade them as well, and now this might have some different moods coming from you with this task. You’ll be checking the Homework and seeing the materials you have taught your child, now you’ll get the chance to see if your child understood that material or not. It might seem frustrating, especially if you come across problems that you went over with your child multiple times, but it’s okay. This teaching is a learning environment, and it’s not just for your child, but for you as well. Now you get to experiment with different teaching ways, and you’ll find one that fits perfectly for your child and you. Homeschool is a learning experience, not only for your child but for you as well. Your child gets to learn, and you get to learn how to teach. I wish you luck, don’t worry. You got this.

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