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Where do I find the answer keys?

The answer keys are built into the system. To view the test or quiz answers: Click on the Clipboard on the top left of the page Click on the Blue Line next to Global Student Network Click the Blue Line next to your class name Click the Blue Line next to the course you would […]

The videos will not play?

In order for the videos to play, you must have Adobe Flash Player and Quicktime on your system. You can download Adobe Flash Player here.  For more information about Quicktime please click here. (

Sound not working to read lessons.

A+ has sound files that read the question and answer test to the student only in Basic Math, Reading, Language Usage, and Building Vocabulary lessons up to the 3rd-grade level. Although there will be a “speaker” icon on the student’s lesson toolbar for any lesson in A+, only the lessons previously mentioned will actually read the […]

My student gets a Flash not available error message.

This occurs when Flash is not enabled on your browser. To enable flash on your browser please click here.  (

Writing assignments are not showing a grade?

Essays in A+ must be viewed, judged, and given a grade by the teacher(parent). To grade an essay: Open the Assignment Management window by clicking on the clipboard icon on the top left, right-click the lesson the student worked that requires an essay be graded and choose Grade. In the Grade, the Essay window that […]