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Unable to launch application error message when trying to login as a teacher.

The “Unable to launch application” error message is caused by Java trying to pull down an update for the web start application unable to overwrite its cache. It can be resolved by clearing the Java cache and re-downloading the web start application.  For instructions on how to clear your Java cache please click here. (

Cannot open teacher login? I download the file, and nothing happens.

This issue is resolved by either clearing your browser cache or updating your Java.  For instructions on how to clear your browser cache please click here. (,2817,2480401,00.asp)   You can update your Java by clicking here. (

When I click on the teacher login it asks me to download a file and I receive a message that says, “This type of file can harm your computer. Do you want to keep client,jnlp?” Is this safe to download?

A file download is required to have access to the desktop version of the A+ teacher portal. This portal has easier navigation and more comprehensive teacher dashboard.  This file is safe to download.

Missing answer boxes or text? Blank page won’t advance? Questions already appear to have an answer? Unable to type or select and answer? System freezes or does not load all content on the screen?

This is a symptom of an invalid session file. At some point in the recent past, the student’s lesson was interrupted without properly exiting.  The software saved their place to allow students to resume their lesson at the place where they were interrupted.  This works fine most of the time, however, occasionally the copy of […]

Test or quiz score does not appear when student is done taking the test or quiz?

To resolve this issue, you will need to clear your Java Cache. For instructions please click here.