Middle School

Middle school is a time of transition.  Students have matured beyond their elementary years and are acquiring skills to be successful in high school.  During this time, they are learning to work more independently while still under the nurturing guidance of their parents.

GSN provides a full education for middle school students.  GSN’s online middle school courses focus on the student’s ability to start working a bit more independently in each subject. Middle school students traditionally take 4 core courses: Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.   These courses are geared towards preparing students for future success in high school.

Middle School is an important transitional time where students will begin to flourish in their studies and find their passions!   During these years, the material will become a bit more challenging.  Your middle school student will still need your daily assistance to keep them on track and encourage them through their courses.

Curriculum Available to Middle School Students


Grades K-12


Grades 3-12


Grades 3-12

Christian Curriculum

Grades 3-12


Grades 6-12


Grades 6-12